Helicopter Management Services

Matrix provides a unique, unbiased, single source solution for clients requiring helicopter support in any environment. We source helicopters from across Canada to provide an unbiased selection of equipment, pilots and engineers no matter how large or small the job. This allows us to remain focused on risk mitigation and cost effectiveness using a proven due diligence process.

The Matrix planning process ensures that all aspects of your project are met or exceeded with respect to your financial, equipment, and standard operating procedure requirements. No component is a forced fit. Once the financial and technical information is collected and analyzed from the qualified operators, Matrix then conducts a detailed review of the specific pilots, engineers, and aircraft(s) being proposed for your project.

This includes but is not limited to:

  1. A review of the operator’s safety record.
  2. A review of the operator’s insurance coverage.
  3. A review of the pilot safety and competency records.
  4. A discussion pertaining to any pilots or engineers that should be restricted from participating or returning to the program.
  5. A review of all aircraft component times with an emphasis on any major components that may come due during the contract.
  6. A review of each operator’s Safety Management System.
  7. Assurance that all qualified bidders comply fully with our clients aviation standards.
  8. Adherence to Northern Hire Criteria if required.

We also manage the countless administrative components to your project and ensure they are executed accurately, approved, and fulfilled. Matrix undertakes the following ongoing responsibilities:

  1. Timely receipt of flight tickets from field.
  2. Flight ticket accuracy checks.
  3. Mediation between field crews and operators regarding flight ticket discrepancies.
  4. Management of invoicing and collection.
  5. Certification that all parties meet contractual obligations.

With the support that Matrix provides throughout the duration of a project, you are free to focus your time and energy on the exploration program itself, rather than the ongoing management of logistics.

Matrix also oversees and ensures that:

  1. That the operator adheres to your Standard Operating Procedures and specific equipment requirements.
  2. Transport Canada regulations are followed and adhered to.
  3. Incident reporting procedures are in place with timely follow up guidelines.
  4. Sufficiency of Spares Kit.
  5. The execution of the project by the operator proceeds exactly as per the terms represented during the selection process.
  6. Only approved pilots and engineers arrive on the job.
  7. Expeditious mediation and conflict resolution occurs between operators and program personnel.
  8. 24/7 Servicing is available.

Matrix performs onsite best practices safety audits as part of our program management to further ensure that you receive the safest, most professional and efficient service possible, with a particular emphasis on safety. As part of this audit, Matrix reviews the following:

  1. Pilot skill level and professionalism.
  2. Safety briefing procedures.
  3. Aircraft inspection, the checking of the log books, and emergency gear.
  4. Operational gear condition, suitability and quantity.
  5. Maintenance inspection of aircraft and facilities.
  6. Transport Canada compliance for all documentation and certifications.
  7. Fuel storage and refueling systems.
  8. Heli-pads and loading areas.
  9. Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE).
  10. Fire Suppression – Helipads and Refueling.
  11. Emergency preparedness at the camp.
  12. Flight following system is setup and operating.
  13. Air crew accommodations and camp conditions.
  14. Flight time/log book audits and comparison to industry standards.

You will also be provided with a comprehensive document of our findings, including recommendations for improvement where necessary and a follow up plan for implementation.

Matrix can also expedite parts or equipment from anywhere in the country through our Yellowknife facility if deemed necessary. This mitigates any downtime of an unserviceable aircraft on your job should we need to move quickly.

On many or our multiple aircraft projects, we provide on-site personnel to act as helicopter dispatchers and flight following experts. This not only keeps the safety standard high, but also reduces inefficient helicopter utilization.