Our Company

MATRIX is a national company providing camps, logistics and aviation management services to a diverse range of clients in the resource and service sectors, focusing on safety, transparency and cost effectiveness.

We custom fit our services to the specific needs of our client’s project, providing or securing and managing the most appropriate equipment, products, services, people, prices and timing on their behalf.

MATRIX uses a wide range of suppliers to provide variety and choice, which ensures that the selected option is a perfect fit. Our model is objective and unbiased - particularly important on critical issues such as: the due-diligence process applied to helicopter and fixed wing selection, personnel selection, camp safety, and fuel management.

MATRIX achieved the prestigious designation of CORTM Certification in 2011 through the Northern Safety Association.

The Certificate of recognition (CORTM) is a rigorous occupational health and safety program accreditation for industry employers that are aimed at reducing the human and financial costs associated with workplace accidents and injuries. Our management team is dedicated to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

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