Unparalleled Camp Management, Logistics, Mechanical Support & Project Management

At MATRIX, we understand the challenges of running a remote operation; the terrain and conditions can be demanding. We have 25 years of experience providing camp management, logistics and expediting in the most remote and challenging landscapes in North America.


What We Offer

We recognize every project is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we custom-design our services to meet your project’s specific needs, from camp construction and management, communications, logistics, transportation to accounting and administrative support; we’ve got you covered.

Camp Supply & Construction

Our heli-portable hard wall fly unit structures allow for quick deployment, high-end finishing’s, and extremely comfortable living accommodations.


Logistics services are tailored to the client’s needs incorporating methodologies, such as using professional purchasers, shippers, and receivers to achieve efficiencies throughout the process.


MATRIX Mechanical is a one-stop-shop for your remote industrial site’s mechanical needs within a short period. Be it supply chain or mechanical well-being; we take care of it all.

Camp Management

MATRIX specializes in designing, constructing and operating customized remote field camps that range in size from small exploration camps of 10 persons to large camps of up to 1000 persons.

Why Choose Matrix?

Our success is built on long-standing relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.

MATRIX Co. provides a full range of industrial services for the mineral exploration, mining, forestry, energy and oil and gas sectors, including workforce accommodations, camp management, equipment, communication, expediting and fuel supply services.

With our successful track record and knowledge of the mineral exploration, mining, energy, forestry and services sectors, you’ll have peace of mind your project will be on schedule, on budget, and you can focus on managing the important job at hand without distractions.

Our experts are standing by to customize strategies and solutions for your needs.

indigenous Partnerships

At MATRIX, we strongly believe in the importance of supporting the interests of Indigenous peoples. We do so by welcoming Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs through partnerships, offering youth training and employment, and thereby supporting the growth of Indigenous businesses. We ensure to work collaboratively to achieve local economic and community benefits.

This is why we have formed partnerships with Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada including Matrix Kitikmeot Ltd in the Central Arctic. Our partnerships further extend to Sarvaq MATRIX Logistics and Aviation Management in the Baffin region, Hobiyee Management Ltd in the Nisga’a Traditional Territory, Innu Matrix Camps & Logistics in Newfoundland & Labrador and Obsidian Camps & Logistics in the Tahltan Traditional Territory. 


Seabridge Gold Inc.

“Safety is always first in the services they provide. You are never left worrying that your people or project are in jeopardy. This extra measure of confidence comes from their due-diligence work, high standards in safety and their access to a wide variety of suppliers.”

– Bill T.

Noront Resources Ltd.

“Noront Resources Ltd. would recommend Matrix to any mining company that wants to field a successful program. They customize their services and are excellent when working at remote sites. I can’t imagine why any exploration company wouldn’t benefit from their services.”

– John H.

IDM Mining

“The camp and support [Matrix] provided was of top quality, expeditiously constructed and well maintained in a remote and challenging location. [They have] an excellent, mutually beneficial and respectful partnership with the Nisga’a Nation […] and a major emphasis on safety.”

– Rob M.